My philosophy on life in all matters is based on the laws of NATURE! Respecting nature and following its laws has never let me down.

Humans have survived for 50,000 years whilst having vastly different diets around the globe. As an Integrative Nutrition Consultant, I understand that there is no “one diet that fits all”. I work with my patients and their dietary needs based upon our understanding of Epigenetics (the relationship between environment and lifestyle choices and changes in genetic expression). Our varied lifestyle choices such as time spent outside, water quality, movement, relationships, stress, etc, send you in a direction either towards health or towards illness.

I work with a wide range of people that are experiencing symptoms of gut dysbiosis (leaky gut), bowel conditions, headaches, reflux, lack of energy and lethargy, autoimmune conditions, weight loss, cholesterol management and hormonal balancing. My aim is to help my patients feel as nourished, vitalistic and mentally & emotionally balanced as they possibly can.

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