Wellness and Prevention Lifestyle

The chiropractic profession is Holistic, and we believe that the body is Meant To Be Healthy. If we can give the body what it naturally needs, as well as avoiding what causes it harm, the body’s innate ability to maintain health function will be optimal.

An enormous amount of research has been conducted around the world in recent decades regarding what the body needs to maintain health and wellbeing. However, despite all this research, there was no integrated, evidence-based, comprehensive Wellness and Prevention Lifestyle program… until now!

The World’s Most Evidence-Based Lifestyle Protocols

At Park Holme Chiropractic & Massage, we take your health and well being seriously. For that reason, we utilize the most comprehensive, evidence-based lifestyle program available today. This program was meticulously developed by Dr. James L. Chestnut, B.Ed., M.Sc., D.C., C.C.W.P., whom has spent much of the past 25 years studying human health and wellness research. His dedication and efforts have ultimately lead him to create the Eat Well - Move Well - Think Well™ 90 Day Lifestyle Plan.

The Eat Well - Move Well - Think Well™ 90 Day Lifestyle Plan is revolutionary and uniquely effective. It is the first program in history matched to the human genome-determined lifestyle choice requirements for the genetic expression of health and the prevention of illness. The Eat Well - Move Well - Think Well™ 90 Day Lifestyle Plan combines all aspects of lifestyle into one comprehensive program that teaches you not just what you need to do, but how to develop the self-control you need to get yourself to consistently do it.

This program can help you improve your energy, performance, weight, strength and fitness, mental outlook, vitality, overall well being, and the management or prevention of chronic illness.

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90 Day Lifestyle Plan